This is the most famous national park in East Africa and whilst a bit busy, it didn’t disappoint. Most folks visiting this are on their pre-planned safaris, often staying in fairly fancy lodges. (Actually, we have to admit visiting such places on the odd occasion when the beer stocks run out or sometimes they had a particularly good view, overlook). We recommend our way. Because wildlife don’t follow rules, it is necessary to be flexible. We just love when we come across something interesting, to hang around and watch the goings on.

In the Serengeti, one of the best known happenings is the Migration. One and a half million wilder-beast, zebras, and their fellow travellers migrate through Tanzania in a circular route, over the course of the year. This creates a really dramatic scene – a carpet of animals moving along. The river crossings are quite dramatic-not least because of the predators-crocs and lions, hyenas etc.

We had numerous sightings and opportunities to paint Lion – solo and prides. Frequently on the uniquely shaped rocky outcrops – Kopjes. There were also numerous cheetahs-we watched these – fascinating seeing their take-off when they spot some dinner – like a formula 1!

A particular treat were some Leopards. In particular the mother and young’un (see painting). These are hard to spot during daylight – so a particular treat! Elephants and Rhinos of course! And a wild selection of antelopes – magnificent!

My sandals fell victim to the nocturnal hyenas – all too prevalent. We have a great affection for the warthogs and their mischievousness. We always enjoy many hours everywhere with the curious and playful monkeys – who frequently join in in the art! Baboons require a bit more care.

There are also the overlooked smaller folks – wildcats, jackals, mongoose, hyrax, aardvark, colourful agama reptile, etc. And the many birds – spectacular!

We got to know the many rangers and drivers who gave us many insights and guidance – and were available to dig us out of swampy places – many near misses.