Ngorongoro Crater

A unique experience

This natural crater is 10km wide and contains a dramatic selection of wildlife. We went there for one day only (slight criticism – it was very costly for a starvin’ artist). Anyway, it was like going into a different world where, in a relatively small area, time had stood still.

It was like a micro African wilderness with its wide cohort of wildlife all living together with the usual “interactions”.

We went down into the crater at dawn – a good time to go as it’s gets quite “busy”. The time was spent just watching the behaviour. There were large numbers of wilder-beast and antelopes. Large herbivores-elephants, rhinos etc. Lots of little fellas. There were numerous lions, behaving as lions do – letting the females hunt whilst the lads enjoy the outcome.

It had rained, so the driving was very treacherous, we got some help from the regular drivers – e.g. best route through the floods etc.

We got a good painting from the rim overlook and a “bit of a daub” also.