Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Less time was spent in these 3 unique territories. They each certainly had their interesting aspects and highlights. For brevity, following are some of more curious things.


Copan – the ancient Mayan site, was a real highlight with its monument ruins and restorations, carvings, museum and explanations.

Utilla Island, with its micro population (and micro climate rain) was a great curiosity and a challenge to reach because of rain and mudslides. It had a great abundance of wildlife, as well as a very fine volcano.

Tegucigalpa, the capital. A sprawling place with very fine museums and art gallery and culture.

A bit unsafe. Despite warnings, we did our usual wandering – involved a bit of “ducking down”


Trip through Nicaragua included as main points – capital Managua, historic town of Granada and Isle of Ometepe on the mighty Lake Nicaragua. Granada has impressive central park and churches.

Way to Ometepe included an interesting ferry and also a lot of interesting countryside scenes. Ometepe with its twin volcanoes has an interesting skyline. The chicken buses, bringing produce to market added to the interest – including a bit cramped for a 6ft chap.

Costa Rica

As with the other countries, a recurring theme was fruit.

The main centre of the visit was San Jose – trips were made from this base. A relatively modern city, it still had its older parts and traditions.

Interesting activities were watching the howling monkeys, birds, including hummingbirds, butterflier, lizards and crocs, and rambling along the tropical rain forests and rivers. It had a series of 12 really scary zip wires, the longest of which was almost 1km. There was a great view of the active Poas Volcano from San Jose. The Museums and art were excellent.