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A favourite place!

Yeah, definitely one of the favourite places we have spent time in. Our trip, part of Central Am Trip, started near Tikal where we stayed in tropical rain forest, then to Flores, Guatemala City, Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Panachel, Chichicastenango.
The attached images show why we loved this place. It has had its problems in the past but the attractions are:

  • The happy, friendly, smiling people who live a very basic existence.
  • Village Life and Crafts – clothes, art etc
  • The colour in everything – people clothes, buildings, buses, cafes etc
  • The Mayan heritage ,spectacularly demonstrated at Tikal
  • Landscape and Scenery – Volcanoes, Lakes, Rivers
  • Interesting also was the travel – the cramped buses were a bit of a revelation and a challenge after the comfortable Mexican machines.

We had some very specific wonderful experiences:

  • Parading at daylight through the jungle to witness the sunrise exposing the peaks of the Tikal monuments above the trees.
  • Visiting the colourful markets in a town with the great name of Chicicastenango
  • The volcanoes around Lake Atitlan
  • Floating down the rivers observing the river life of many families
  • An unusual one was an elderly Paddy who had a bar in the very attractive town of Antigua.

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