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Six months sauntering around Oz – how do you summarise that? Anyway, arrived in Sydney, travelling solo, went north all the way to Port Douglas, into Red Centre, to Perth, back along south cost via Adelaide to Melbourne and Victoria and onto Tasmania. Great stuff – fun-lovin, friendly people, great scenery and great fun.


Oft Seen – we enquired where – were directed to field in middle of country where they gathered-there were dozens! The big lads were boxin, kickin and brawlin just like a pair of paddies after the pub – very funny!




Paddies have a great familiarity with Van Diemans Land.

From Hobart did loop and crossing of island-Liked! Not least because had 2 best aussie beers – Cascade and James Boags!

Port Arthur Penal Colony

Operated 1830-1877 – over 12,000 British and Irish prisoners were transported there – often eventually integrated with locals-next page.

Aboriginal Art

Australian Art

A visit to the many art museums in each state amply demonstrates the richness of Australian art .Initially led by immigrants such as John Glover John Skinner Prout, Conrad Martens, Eugene Von Guerard, Nicholas Chevalier, it was followed by such locals as WC Piguit, Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, David Davis and Hugh Ramsey, Robert Bunny, George Lambert. All of these are well worth looking up. There has in the interim been an ongoing development of representational, impressionist and abstract art. The original Aboriginal art and its meaning is fascinating!!

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